Media Production

Adhyatmik Media Production provides full support throughout the media production project. 
If you have never produced a video before, we lead you through every phase of the process. 
Where you have concerns about budget, we work with you to leverage the most “bang for the buck.” 
We work hard to bring a professional demeanor to our projects, in knowledge of equipment, technique, and customer service.
Visit our work page to view samples of our work, a few more examples on our blog, or check out our YouTube portfolio.

Pre-Production Services Include:

  • Concept Development
  • Production Planning
  • Treatment / Script Development
  • Scheduling
  • Production Document Preparation
  • Talent and Crew Acquisition
  • Equipment Acquisition
  • Location Scouting
  • Set Construction
  • Wardrobe Support
  • Prop Design / Construction

Production Services Include:

  • Production Management
  • Directing
  • Video and Audio Recording
  • Lighting Setup / Management
  • Electrical Setup / Management
  • Makeup Application
  • Wardrobe Support
  • Set and Prop Management
  • Meals and Craft Services Support
  • General Production Assistance

Post-Production Services Include:

  • Video Editing
  • Text and Graphics Design
  • Animation and Special Effects
  • Music Selection / Creation
  • VO/narration
  • ADR and Foley recording
  • Video Compressing Encoding
  • Video Distribution

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