Tapasvi Shree Chaitanya Guruji helps people to get rid of insomina and drepression through his yoga practise named as yog nidra for isomnia.He also provides many best meditation,yoga techniques for corporate stress free life and depression and metaphysical technique to people which help them to leave a stress free and peaceful life.He organise various camps.Objective of these camps is to teach humans art of pure and peaceful by awakening their inner conscious. Guruji has a vision to lead families, society, nation and whole world to new direction. Guruji has firm belief that if we want to make society, nation and world a joyous and peaceful place, we have to start from revolution of inner conscious. With this aspiration of welfare of whole world ChaitnyaJagranPrivar is committed to serve humanity through PragyaChaitnya Foundation Trust.

Tapasvi Shree Chaitanya Guruji

Life Coach and Healer

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